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What is Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale?

Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale is a massive multiplayer online action battle arena where you have to do anything possible and impossible to stay alive and survive! Our battle royale will put up to 40 players on a remote battleground for a winner-takes-allshowdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills. Dominate the battlefield by taking on each opponent and become last survivor #1! Grab your pixel gun and get shooting!

Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale - Last man standing!

Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor. Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing.BUT be afraid of the shrinking zone, it does significant damage! Shoot with AK, pixel gun, smg, multiple-barrel and other weapons. BE THE LAST lone survivor!

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Reviews and Feedback for Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale

  Listen this is comeing froma 16 year old boy who finds glitches and fun to easily your game is fun but can there be more armor choices and lessen the cost of accessories and more selections of guns and armor along with bigger maps more players to keep the tension
Killer Fc - iTunes

  Till i Know the title matches the game but if you could work more hard it would be perfect. Other everything is perfect. I know that you guys have worked hard making this game
Modded Gamer - Google Play

  This is a great game! It's like fortnite and Minecraft mixed together, except there is no building and no inside of the buildings. I recommend this game to everyone! I hope they add building in the next update
Devon Croushorn - Amazon

  Great game guys!Here is a few suggestions that I think will improve the game! 1.add a duo and/or squad mode! 2.Could you guys add these weapons: Mp7, vector and maybe some types of grenades? 3.Maybe you could add a feature to build? Anyway great game guys!
Death gun - Google Play

  This is a good concept. Like fortnite. But add inside of buildings. Explosives. Materials and the game would be a lot better. Also please take out auto aim. Other than that this is a really good game. Just make it a little more like fortnite. And vehicles would be a nice touch. Thanks
Billy - Amazon

  It is kinda trashy bc there is hardly any loot it’s just a complete rip off of pubg which pubg is way better but I still think fortnite is best but this game is not that great make it WAY more loot and I’ll give it 5 stars
huskyshirt - iTunes